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About counselling

Confidential, non-judgmental & supportive.

Counselling may feel different to other forms of therapy, it is not about telling you what to do and think or giving you answers. It is about supporting, enabling and empowering you to find your own solutions.

You may have a particular issue such as an illness, work, bereavement or relationship problem and know what you want help with, but not feel comfortable talking to friends or family. You may have a feeling that things are just not right but feel unable to identify what it’s all about. Or you may have reached a time in your life when you want to take stock, evaluate and reconsider what’s important to you.

Counselling offers you a safe time and space to talk to someone who will not judge you. It can involve talking about your thoughts feelings and behaviour. It can help you to make sense of things and gain new perspectives and insights. It may help you to resolve complicated feelings or find new ways to live with them and it may help you to recognise unhelpful patterns of thinking or actions and allow you the opportunity to explore ways in which to change them.

I can offer a variety of therapeutic approaches depending on what suits you best, on a short or long term basis. 

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